About Us

Promoting Ontario agritourism and local farm-gate businesses.

When was the last time you enjoyed a walk-about at a bustling farmers’ market on a Saturday morning or visited an on-farm market? How about a freshly buttered cob of corn or a delicious bottle of Ontario wine?

Destination Agritourismo

Harvest Ontario is all about discovering agricultural oriented attractions in the form of day-trip style outings which can last an hour, a weekend or more.

Economical, fun, healthy and educational, agritourism is without a doubt, the best-valued family experience available today.

Proudly Canadian

Harvest Ontario is produced by Bright Light Communications. As a Canadian company, our goal is to promote Ontario agritourism and farm-gate businesses to consumers across the province while helping farmers market and promote themselves and earn a fair wage for the products they work hard to produce.

Now entering our 19th year, we look forward to helping you explore, experience and enjoy the bounty of good things Ontario!